Laura J. Bobrow
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If one but tell a thing well, it moves on with undying voice,
and over the fruitful earth and across the sea goes the bright 
gleam of noble deeds ever unquenchable.
-- Pindar

School children frequently send thank you notes after a visit.
Here is a sampling of comments received from Belmont Ridge Middle School in Leesburg VA

"The way you tell stories makes a perfect image in my head like a movie."
"The way you incorporated a story with rhymes, it sounded like music the way you said it."
"It’s amazing that you can tell stories for years and still seem so excited about it."
"I thought I was there along side the characters."
"You grabbed my attention and made me feel like I was in your stories."
 "During your stories I took a moment to close my eyes.  All of a sudden my brain 
                went  crazy. "           
"All of the words you were telling suddenly became pictures.."         
"I must say that I went home and told all my friends and family! Now I would like to be a storyteller. "
"When you began to speak the whole room went silent because your voice is commanding yet soft."
"Your stories were funny, but some had a deeper meaning.."
"It made me laugh and a few made me think."
"The rhymes made it almost poetic."
"I could see Gus with his big floppy ears and Furman catching the cricket."
"The stories you told were ones I found amusing .You kind of had to think about 
                them  for a minute"            
 "I believe your message, that everyone is different.  I pulled a lot away from the                                              presentation."

"One thing I found amazing was that I have never heard any of your stories before and I’ve had my                           share of listening."
"You opened my imagination up and extracted it.."
19370 Magnolia Grove Square, Unit 210
Leesburg, VA 20176
     “A mesmerizing speaker”  --WNBA Newsletter
        “Straightforward, intelligent, quietly enthusiastic” -–Southern CT Library Council
        “It was a delicious moment in the day”--Columbia Festival Orchestra
         "Wonderfully compelling”  --The Washington Post
        “Her pleasure and animation in the telling of the story rippled through the room as people were 
                caught up in the delight." --Loudoun Habitat for Humanity
        “The storytelling community has been given a great gift through her work.”  --UU Church, Ft. Collins
        “Storyteller Laura J. Bobrow has modernized the Aesopian tradition.”  --Storytelling Magazine
        “You have the mind of a poet and philosopher, the wit of a comedian, the voice and diction of an orator -- 
                a great combination.”  --Rye (NY) Free Reading Room