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The Captain's Beard
Riverbank Press
This book is out of print but may be purchased at Amazon.com or used book dealers.

The Book of Names
Kelsay Books, 1840 West 220th Street, Suite 300, Torrance, CA 90501
$10  paperback       purchase from eljbee@aol.com  or Amazon.com

“In the deeply eccentric and entirely charming tradition of Edward Lear, these quirky little poems open to the child's imagination (and to the adult's, if the adult still can play) a whole kaleidoscope of odd ideas. With their slightly crazed logic and addictive metrical form, 
with gleams of wisdom among their high jinks, they really represent a newly-invented 
form, like the limerick--and an invitation to readers to create more of their own. A delight.”
                                                                                                    ~~ Frederick Turner
" There is no better way to introduce poetry to children than through the play of sounds -- 
and how masterfully Laura plays the game.  What a treat!      ~~Sofia M. Starnes

Laura Bobrow, accomplished wordsmith and poet, has created a playful compendium 
of name poems that is sure to delight young readers.               ~~ Carmen Agra Deedy

There is wit and wry humor in Betrayed, but no avoidance of the hard fact that "years have passed and everyone is dead." She has come to an austerity of knowledge and expectation and a reader will trust and admire her for it.                                            ---William Heyen         National Book Award finalist for Shoah Train 

The often whimsical tone in Laura J. Bobrow’s poems belies their piercing honesty, an unflinching look at the betrayal of time on all of us. And there is courage, too, which leads to wisdom. ….compelling us to read, read on, read earnestly.  
---Sofia M. Starnes      Poet Laureate of Virginia 2012-2014

This poetry chapbook is in pre-publication.  Order from Finishing Line Press Bookstore.    $12.00 plus $2.99 shipping.  Book will be shipped on November 7.
Mister Cricket and other poems
Laura shares some of her favorite poems from the voice of her inner child.
Sample: When I'm in my room I'm there./ When I leave my room I'm gone,/
but there's still a dent in the chair that I was sitting on ............

Self-published. Available by check or money order. $10
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