He learned what she knew
and some other things, too.
Then the king sent him elsewhere to study.
He got wisdom and yet
he could never forget
how she'd slapped him and left his cheeks ruddy.

When the wise girl was grown,
he said, “Father I own
that it’s into this life you have brought me.
I will do what you say,
but I’ve debts I must pay.
I would marry the woman who taught me.

Though she’s not of our kind
She is noble of mind.”
Said the king, “I agree.”  They were wedded.
Then a palace was built
filled with marble and gilt
where the two could be privately bedded.

She was closeted tight
in a room without light.
She had little to eat.  Love?  He spurned it.
“Why this treatment?”  she cried.
“For revenge,” he replied.
“You were stupid,” she said, “and you earned it.”

This inflamed him the more.
It grew worse than before
till the baroness heard of her daughter.
Then a tunnel was made
through which she was sent aid.
Good refreshment and clothing was brought her.

When the king died one day.
the young prince rode away
to lay claim to his lands.  When he’d started
the baroness said, “Now
here’s your chance.  Here is how
to get even.  The prince has departed.