“I’ve come to ask a favor, dears,” said Vasta.  “We’ll return her,
but might we have your goose as just an overnight sojourner?
Our goslings are so lonely.  Seeing your goose, they’d feel better.”
And simple women that they were, they said “All right,” and let her.

Then Vasta and her friends spread linen sheets upon the flooring
and waited for the gold to come.  But from the goose came pouring
what issues from a fundament in normal circumstances.
They gasped and quickly turned away with horror-stricken glances.

They fed her well, assuming hunger might have been the trouble.
The same thing happened as before, but this time it was double.
“Oh fie on you, you no-good goose.  You’re worthless.  You are woeful.”
They wrung its neck and threw it in an alley filled with offal.

A prince was riding by, out with his courtiers on a frolic,
when suddenly he felt his guts severely gripped by colic.
He asked his friends to mind his horse and rushed into the alley
to do what he was forced to do.  He had no time to dally.

At last when he’d relieved himself his cramps began to taper.
He looked around and snatched the goose to use instead of paper.
The goose, however, was not dead.  It clamped its beak securely
upon the prince’s derriere which must have pained him surely.

And then, no matter what he did, the goose held on more tightly.
He called for help.  His friends beheld a picture most unsightly. 
There stood the prince, his trousers down, a goose behind him dangling.
They lifted him and took him home.  His every nerve was jangling.