“That’s impossible!” snorted the king with a cry.
“But ... I’ve nothing to lose.  Let me give it a try.”
The king called his sailors and sent them to sea
with every device to catch fish there might be.

They had reels, traps and lines.  They had trawls used to sweep,
and they tacked and they turned as they plundered the deep
‘til at last a sea dragon was caught on a string.
They ripped out its heart and went straight to the king.

A young virgin servant cooked Dragon Heart Stew.
The steam made her faint and her small belly grew.
When the queen ate the heart it was tender and mild
and before seven bites she was swelled up with child.

and the strong box swelled up with a new little chest,
and the weapons with small arms, a coat with a vest,
the canopy bed with a small little cot,
and the bitches with puppies, the stove with a pot.

Two babies were born.  They were fair to be seen,
one to the servant and one to the queen.
They were so much alike, these two sons of the heart,
that only their mothers could tell them apart.

The two boys grew closer the older they got
as if their two spirits were tied in a knot.
Fonzo’s love for his brother was tender to see.
But the queen became filled with intense jealousy.